The Tiny House Summit 2017!


I'm pretty excited to share this the announcement of the Tiny House Summit with you guys! Every year there are numerous tiny house gatherings, be it the Tiny House Jamboree, or any of the Tiny House Festivals that occur throughout the country, I get a pang of sadness. My husband and I are working professionals with two small children, and sometimes traveling for these amazing events is just not an option. I'm sure many of you are faced with the same challenge of finding either the time or the money, required to attend these awesome events.

Well, what if I told you that there was a way for you to hear awesome keynote speeches from: Abel Zimmerman Zyl, Macy Miller, Andrew Bennett, Andrew Odom, Becky Elder, Brad Kittel, Chris Galusha, Chrissy Bellmyer, Damon DesChamp, Darin Zaruba, Darren Hughes, David & Jeanie Stiles, Felice Cohen, Hari Berzins, Jake & Kiva, Jay Shafer, John & Finn Kernohan, Kelly Hart, Keri Fivecoat-Campbell, Pat Dunham, Saul Rip Hansen, Thom Stanton, Tracey Powell, Valerie Cook & Tim Boffe, Vera Struck, and Zack Giffin without EVEN LEAVING YOUR HOME?!

You'd be stoked right? Like REALLY EXCITED??

What if I told you that you could also hear ME speak about Airbnbing your Tiny House at that very same event? While in your PJs. You don't even have to wear pants! (And, for the record, it's the only time I'll invite you to an event with me without requiring pants ;)) That would be even MORE awesome, right??

What if I ALSO told you that there is one more amazing thing about the Tiny House Summit? IT'S FREE!!

I'm not kidding. You get access to nearly all the amazing leaders in the tiny house movement for absolutely NO MONEY.Well, as you guessed, that event actually exists, and it's being held February 20-the 24th. It'll be on

Well, as you guessed, that event actually exists, and it's being held February 20-the 24th. It'll be on an online summit of tiny awesomeness full of SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE. Seriously, people, I get emails from people all the time asking questions that'll be answered in this event. Questions about:

  • affordability and financial freedom
  •  financing
  • zoning and regulation
  • insurance
  • building your own or buying from a builder
  • family living
  • environmental and healthy materials
  • energy and waste
  • solar power
  • design decisions
  • communities and renting
  • sustainability
  • minimalism
  • permaculture
  • intentional living
  • and MUCH more!

That list is insane. There's no possible way an onsite event could contain this much knowledge share! That's why I had to be a part of it, and why I absolutely had to share it with you guys. 


Don't wait. Register for the Tiny House Summit now. Click Here, or Here, or pretty much any highlighted place in this post and register now!!


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